How to backup Files and Softwares on Linux Mint

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In Linux Mint, there is a tool called Backup Tool, this tool allows you to backup files that are located in the home directory of your system, it also allows you to backup the current list of the softwares.

The MintBackup tool, is already pre-installed on Linux Mint, so you don't have to download or install anything before using it.

This tool has a simple GUI that everyone can use it.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to backup files and softwares on Linux Mint.

Launch Mintbackup

Mintbackup Tool can be found on the Applications menu, under the "Settings" category. Or you could simply search for "Backup tool" on the search box of the applications menu, and launch Mintbackup from there.

Backup files

To backup your files, click on the "Back Up Now" button

Next, you need to select the directory where you want to save the backup file. To do this, click on the drop down box, and select your path, then click "Forward"

If you have files and directories that you don't want to backup, then you can exclude them on this window. As you can see there are two dedicated buttons, one for files and one for directories. Once you include files or directories to exclude, click on the "Forward" button to continue

Mintbackup tool also allows you to backup hidden files that you may have. If you don't have hidden files to backup, then simply click the "Forward" without including any files or directories.

And the process of creating the backup file should begin. This process may take some time, as this totally depends on the size of the backup file.

Once the backup is completed, you will see the following window

Now you can move the backup file to an external HDD or anywhere you like to save this backup. You can find the backup file on the directory that you selected on the second step.

Backup softwares

To backup softwares click on the "Back Up Now.." under Software selection

Next, you will see a list of the applications that are currently installed on your system. On this window you can choose which applications you want to backup and which not. Click "Forward" when done choosing

And the software backup file will be created as shown in the image below

Now you know how to backup files and softwares, but how do you use the backup file that you created? The restore option on Mintbackup tool allows you to restore the backup file

Restore Files

Restoring files on Linux Mint, is easy. Launch Mintbackup tool, and click to the "Restore" button under Personal data section

Next, you need to select the backup file that you want to restore, and choose whether you want to only restore missing files, or overwrite files. And click "Forward" to continue

This is how the imported backup file should look like.

And that's it. Now your backup has been successfully restored, and you can safely close Mintbackup tool.

Restore Softwares

To restore Softwares click to the "Restore" button under Software Selection section

Next, you need to select the software list that you want to restore. Click on the drop down box, and select the file that ends with .list extension. This is the file that you created when backing up softwares.

And click to the "Forward" button, to restore the software list.

If you restore a software that is not currently installed on your system, you will need to Authenticate in order to install this software.

Once you enter your password, the installation process of the restored software will begin, all you have to do is wait for process to finish.

And once the restored software is installed, Mintbackup will show the following message.

That's it!


By now you should know how to backup files and softwares on Linux Mint, and also how to restore them.