How to Create a Virtual machine with Gnome Boxes on Linux Mint

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Gnome Boxes is an app that allows you to create virtual machines on Linux Mint. Gnome Boxes is like Virtualbox. Gnome Boxes has less features and is less customizable than virtualbox. However, it is way simpler to use, and you can run a virtual machine without having technical knowledge.

With Gnome Boxes you can run multiple operating systems on a single machine. Say you wanted to try a Linux distro before installing it on your machine, you can create any virtual machine using any linux distro you like on Gnome Boxes very easily.

Gnome Boxes also allows you to choose the Linux distro that you want to download. This is a very useful feature, because you don't need to download the ISO file manually, as you could browse through list inside the Gnome Boxes app, and download any Linux distro that is supported by Gnome Boxes.

Step 1 - Install Gnome Boxes

Gnome Boxes is an app that is part of Gnome Desktop environment. However, in this tutorial, we are using Linux Mint, and you will learn how to install Gnome Boxes on Linux Mint and how to use it to create a virtual machine on Linux Mint.

sudo apt install gnome-boxes

Step 2 - Create Virtual Machine

To create a virtual machine on Gnome Boxes is very easy. First you need to launch Gnome Boxes.

To launch Gnome Boxes, go to "Applications Menu" and search for "Boxes" on the search box, and then click to the "Gnome boxes" icon to launch it

You will see Gnome Boxes GUI as shown in the image below

Now, let's create a virtual machine.

First click to the "+" button


In this tutorial, we are going to create a virtual machine from an ISO file. We are not using the option to download the ISO directly from Gnome Boxes as we already had the ISO file on our machine.

Now on this window, you need to click to "Create virtual machine from file"

Next, enable the Express install option, and enter the username and password that you want to use for this virtual machine. Click "Next" once done


Note: Express install will install the Linux distro for you, which means once the virtual machine has been created you don't need to install the operating system manually, as you can use it right away.

Next, you should see the following window. On this step can choose how much ram and HDD space you want to allocate for this virtual machine. For example, we are creating a virtual machine for Debian 12, so we allocated 2GB of ram and 20GB of space.

Click to the "Create" button to create the virtual machine with the specs that you chose

Next, you will be taken to this window. As you can see, the virtual machine is now being created, so you should wait until the virtual machine has been created.

You can also check the installation process, by clicking over the virtual machine.

Once the virtual machine has been created, you can click it to use it


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Gnome Boxes on Linux Mint. And also how to create a Virtual machine with Gnome Boxes using an offline ISO file.